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By: Jerica MacMillan | January 01, 2017

In this collection of erotic short stories, once upon a time... takes on a new meaning. Classic and lesser-known fairy and folk tales are reimagined in (mostly) contemporary settings. 

The women in these stories take control of their destiny, striking out on new or kinky paths, as they search for their Prince (or Princess) Charming. Taking the lead in finding and enjoying themselves, these women pursue their Prince (or Princess...) Charming, in their quest for happily ever after. (or for some, a single evening of happiness). 

For a taste of the classics, you'll find a vivid, dream-like (and kinky!) retelling of Alice in Wonderland (Land of Wonders), a humorous and sexy retelling of Goldilocks (Blondie), and a contemporary lesbian version of Rapunzel (River on the Eighth Floor).

In addition to retellings of classic fairy tales, we're proud to include stories from Poland (Sure Feet and Smooth Brinks), Japan (Feathers), the Philippines (An Enchanting Hideaway), Ireland (Cu Chulainn), Scotland (The Ballad of Tam Lin) and classic Greek mythology (Made in DarknessMixed Media, and Lemnos).

From the romantic to the kinky, delicate poetry to explicit short stories, this collection is sure to satisfy and open your eyes to new fairy tales. 

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Jenna just needs a little rebound therapy ...

Jenna Anderson is still stuck in her grief a year after her fiancé died in a tragic accident. She exists, going through the motions of living, her former spark gone. Her best friend drags her out to meet someone, convinced she needs a rebound guy to have some fun and start living again.

Brian MaacCallum is the hot owner of the wine bar where Amy takes Jenna. He has a mischievous grin that he wields like a weapon to convince Jenna to give him a chance.

Will his love be enough to pull Jenna out of her grief so she can learn to live and love again?

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Jes Harper loves her life. Being the production assistant for one of the most sought after producers in the music industry, Brett Winters, she gets to spend her time doing what she loves – listening to music. Working with the musicians is fun, too, but after being burned by them twice before in love, she’s sworn them off for anything more than friends. But, Brett’s best friend is back in town and perfect in every way, and he could change her mind…if she’d just let him. 

Mitch Lansing has lived the musician life – the drugs, the women, the partying – but he’s over that now. At 40, you tend to want to settle down, even if you’re a musician. He’s happy to be back home with his best friend, Brett, and recording his own music. One look at Brett’s assistant and he knows he’s found the perfect woman for him…if he can just convince her of that. 

When coming on strong doesn't work, Mitch decides to take it slow and vows to not give up. Day by day, piece by piece, he chips away at the wall around Jes’s heart. Can he prove to her that not all musicians are the same? Or will a ghost from his past ruin everything for them both? The other musicians from her past broke her heart...Mitch could shatter it completely.

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